Best Christmas Cake Recipe for This Christmas

Baking cakes during Christmas is like a tradition that has been followed in every household since ages. When the whole family comes together and gather on the dining table over meal, serving the delicious cake is like must. And if, the whole family is eyeing the delicious cake, Christmas cake has to be the best. For this, people look for the best Christmas cake recipe to serve to the family.

The bakers in the home begin to look for best Christmas cake recipe much in advance. Many household prefer to make their traditional Christmas cake recipe while, some prefer to incorporate a modern twist in the traditional cakes. Some make it a point to bake a different cake every Christmas while, some pick their favorite flavors every time.


Yummy Christmas Cake Recipe for This Christmas

Basic and sophisticated Christmas cakes are always one of the greatest Christmas cake ideas. A cake topped with crunchy and delicious nuts is always a great option. For this, you need a basic Christmas cake, spread apricot jam over it and top it with crunchy nuts like Brazil nuts and pecans. Use striped pattern, spread a row of Brazil nut, then a row of cranberries and then a row of pecans.

You can also bake a delicious fruit cake on Christmas. You can find the best Christmas fruit cake recipe on internet or approach your granny for the traditional Christmas cake recipe that incorporates your favourite fruit or a mix of fruits.

You can make a Christmas fruitcake that has lots of dried cherries, cranberries, mango and blackcurrants or go with the basic apricot cake. The apricot cake is an easy Christmas cake recipe and taste delicious.

A Christmas wreath cake looks very pretty, goes with the Christmas theme and taste so yummy. This Christmas, you can also try Barm Brack which is an Irish fruit cake.

Decorate Your Christmas Cake Like a Pro

Once you are done with making the best Christmas cake recipe, the next task at hand is to decorate the Christmas cake. You can incorporate many creative Christmas cake ideas to decorate your Christmas cake.

You can make any kind of Christmas cake that depicts the Christmas themes. You can create a Santa Claus, a Christmas tree surrounded by gifts, a snow fall scene, Santa riding on his sledge, stars spread over the cake, snowman and various different kinds of Christmas case decorations.

For decorating your perfect Christmas cake, you would only need fondant, royal icing, marzipan or icing sugar. All these things come together to make up a perfect Christmas cake. You can use a little creativity and the magic in your hands to bake and then decorate the best Christmas cake.

The basic thing that you can do is to bake a perfect fruit cake and then cover this cake with marzipan and sugar paste, give wings to your creativity and make the most gorgeous Christmas cake.

A Christmas tree is an apt Christmas cake. You can cut the Christmas tree from fondant and then paste it over the cake. This is an easy but, perfect idea for a Christmas cake.

A white chocolate and raspberry cake is also an amazing idea. This is an easy Christmas cake recipe. It gets ready in no time and taste really very delicious. Decorate the cake with snow- like icing and arrange raspberries on the border of the cake.

A stocking Christmas cake is an absolutely fun Christmas cake recipe. You can also try chocolate tiramisu cake, poinsettia Christmas cake, red velvet cake, star or snow flake cake and many other cakes. You can also order a beautiful and delicious Christmas cake from

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