Delicious and Most Beautiful Buttercream Christmas Cakes

Majority of people would agree that the time around Christmas is the best time of the year. The whole aura of this time is just so magical and phenomenal. The festive vibes, the shopping, the decorations and of course, baking buttercream Christmas cakes are all to vouch for the happiness and joy during the Christmas time. The various cake decoration ideas make the cake even more delicious.

Baking cakes is something that people loves during the time of Christmas. Baking the delicious Christmas themed cakes is the best thing that everyone loves to do during the Christmas and the people who does not enjoy baking cakes, of course enjoy relishing the cakes more.

Buttercream Christmas Cakes Idea


It is a well known fact that a food item that appeals to the eyes tastes more delicious than a food item that does not look very good irrespective of the taste. Thus, the professional chefs pay a huge amount of attention on decoration of any food item.

Same goes with cakes. Even if you have baked the most delicious cakes on the Earth that is oozing out the most intoxicating aroma, it will fail to impress unless it is decorated well. And the best way to decorate any cake is by adorning it with buttercream.

Buttercream Christmas cakes taste delicious and look quite appealing. A small cake, adorned with fluffy and tasty buttercream tickles the taste buds to the core.

Buttercream Poinsettias Christmas Cakes

If this Christmas, you are planning to make Christmas themed cakes, what could be a better idea than making buttercream poinsettias Christmas cake? Poinsettias make up for the best cake decorations Christmas.

Poinsettias are also called as Christmas Stars. They are native to Mexico and are named so because of their shape that resembles the star- like shape. The poinsettia flower cake decoration Christmas is quite popular among the classes and masses. Every person makes sure to bake or buy a buttercream poinsettia Christmas cake on Christmas.

Christmas themed cakes make up for the best canvas to draw beautiful poinsettias. If have a beautiful Christmas cake ready for the Christmas celebration, you can incorporate poinsettia into it. The poinsettias beautifully sitting on the edges of the cake increase the beauty of the cake by leaps and bounds.

Apart from just framing the cake with it, there are many other ways you can incorporate it in the cake to intensify the beauty of the cake. A poinsettia makes up for the best hat for your snowman or even Santa Claus. You can also make a wreath with poinsettia. Cascading poinsettias make up for the best Christmas tree design on cake.

How To Make Buttercream Poinsettia Christmas Cake

Making buttercream Christmas cakes with poinsettia is not as difficult as you think. Bake your favourite cake. You can also bake cupcakes if you want. Take buttercream icing in various colours like red, yellow or green. You can play with your imagination. And, it depends on the theme of the cake. If you are making Christmas themed cakes, icing in red, green and yellow are apt. But, then, keep the basic frosting white or chocolate as poinsettia looks great on them.

Place the icing in piping bag and cover with nozzle. Now, over the cake squeeze each petal out of the bag. You can make any design you want with any colour you want. makes available the most delicious and beautiful Christmas themed poinsettia buttercream cakes. There are cakes in various flavours and designs. You can order your favourite cake from anywhere and anytime.


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