The Most Popular Online Flower Fragrance

Each and every flower has a unique smell. Flowers emit smell because each and every flower tends to produce a unique compound to direct pollen to the female stigma from the male stigma. Also not every online flower fragrance is pleasant to humans. It solely depends on the chemical compound produced in each flower.


The flowing is the most popular flowers which are available online:


Roses are one of the most fragrant smelling flowers of the world. There are more than hundred different species of roses in the world. These flowers are native to Asia, Europe and North America. These flowers are widely used in wedding ceremonies and making perfumes. These flowers are also quite useful in the cosmetic industry, with rose water being used for making the skin glow. As a result of this, roses can be found in most of the gardens of the world. Roses are found in colours like red, pink, white, yellow, orange, etc. These flowers are rightly called as ‘queen of flowers’ due to the pleasant fragrance they emit.


Jasmine is another flower fragrance which gives an absolute and a well-rounded finished quality of the perfume. These flowers are native to the tropical regions of the world and are usually found in colours like white and yellow. Jasmine flowers along with being used in bouquets are also used during ceremonies and for aroma therapies. In Gulf countries, jasmine petals are allowed to dry, and used for making teas. Jasmine flowers are usually harvested when their fragrance is at its peak, just before the fall of dawn.


The sweet flower fragrance of violets has been used in perfumes throughout the ages. Violets also have been used for medical purposes. There are two varieties of violets that are most commonly used in perfumes-victoria violet and parma violet.

Lily of the Valley:

Lilies are delicate flowers found mostly in the northern hemisphere of Asia. This plant has bell-shaped flowers emerging on a thin stem. Lilies are again widely used to decorate the bouquets of the world, along with being one of the popular choices for perfumes for its sweet fragrance. Lilies are also used as herbs for fever. Most lilies bloom between June and August and are available in a wide variety of colours, designs and fragrances.


Gardenia, native to the tropical regions of Australia, South Asia and Africa is a waxy smelling flower. Gardenia is a member of the coffee This flower is widely used during wedding ceremonies due to its sheer beauty and fragrance. Again, this flower is used to make perfumes and herbs in many parts of the world.

Chocolate Cosmos:

Chocolate cosmos is a reddish brown coloured flower which smells like vanilla. This flower is mainly found in Mexican regions. This flower usually blooms at night.

Orange flower:

The orange flower is known as the traditional flower of brides across the world.This flower, known for its unique scent, is grown in regions like Spain, Italy, North Africa and southern France.


Frangipani, the tropical flowering plant native to areas like Mexico, South America, Pacific and Caribbean Islands is the national flower of Nicaragua. This flower usually becomes extremely fragrant at night and is available in several colours like white, pink, yellow and red. These flowers are mainly used for making bouquets and for aromatherapy.

Sweet Pea:

Sweetpea is an intensely fragrant flowering plant found in the Mediterranean region. These flowers grow up to 2.4 inches wide and are available in colours like dark red, white and yellow. This plant usually blooms in the winter and spring seasons and produces an incredibly sweet fragrance, due to which, it is practically found in every garden of the world. These flowers again are highly popular amongst florists and are widely used in the creation of boutiques

Sweet Alyssum:

Sweet alyssum is a small flower native to the Mediterranean region. Sweet alyssum has a dense cluster in white and yellowish colours. It produces an attractive smell during the spring season and is mainly used for making bouquets.

However, most of the flowers listed here, may not be available throughout the year, with some being seasonal. Based on the season and the occasion, one may select either of the flowers while ordering them online and cake delivery also provide here.



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